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            The Psychedelephants are in full force in 2019 with 2 new albums in the works.  An experiment noise album and a 1950’s LA Noir Concept Comic Book/Album.  “These new projects are inspired by trying to push ourselves past new creative boundaries and produce something we haven’t seen done before.” – Paul Balazs.

            The latest release from The Psychedelephants is “The Abyss”.  It is a 5 song EP released in October 2018 and it covers a subtle concept of going through depression and mood shifts.  It encapsulates the feeling you get when your anxiety takes over and you need to dig your way out, handling these emotions with the people you are closest with, and struggling to find balance.  Through giant rhythm sections and wailing lead guitars “The Abyss” will have you feeling like you have accepted your anxiety and surpassed it by the final notes of the album.

            They did some touring through southern and mid-California in 2018 and released a single for the summer.  “Sun Drunk” is tipping it’s hat to the Arizona summers and how the sun has an affect on your body’s chemistry when consuming alcohol.  The idea that when you get sun drunk you can easily turn it into the next morning and have the incredible delirious Déjà vu feeling of ending right where you started, full circle.

            In 2017 The Psychedelephants released their first full length album “Amalgamation” with their current lineup.  Paul Balazs - Vocals/Guitar, Calin Gross - Guitar, Spencer Ferrarin - Drums, and Miles Tippett - Bass/Vocals.  All four members will commonly take part in experimental additions to the albums like extra percussion, synths, sitar, and more.  “Amalgamation” is a 15-track album and was the first project recorded and mixed by Miles Tippett.  He will go on to record everything after in their Headquarters at PsychHaus in Phoenix. 

            “I couldn’t have been prepared for “Amalgamation”. I expect a band to either meet or exceed its live show when they commit to a record. The Psychedelephants have not simply matched the force and energy of one of the loudest live shows in town, but they’ve constructed a serious album here. It may have taken a year and a half to complete, but it was worth the wait, and it’s clear they didn’t waste this labor of love in haste.” – Mitchell Hillman, JAVA

            Back before The Psychedelephants made “Amalgamation” there was a hiatus of sorts where the members were working on different projects after a few original members left the band.  The original lineup of the band had released “Asymmetrical Geometry” in 2014 at Bangarang Recording Studio with James Mitchell.  Their first album had some more jazzy and poppy vibes than the latter, but in a way… It is a taste of what you might see in the future as well.

Paul Balazs
// Vocals / Guitar
Miles Tippett
// Bass / Vocals
Calin Gross
// Guitar / Misc
Spencer Ferrarain
// Drums / Misc
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