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"What I do recall was that they played an amazing set in that hot room wearing long sleeves. Spencer beat the drums like they owed him money, and Miles left enough sweat on the stage to put out a fire. Danger Paul kept the rhythm, and Calin Gross shredded faces." - Kataklizmic Design

"They are dynamic; expansive. And that’s just two ways to describe the band’s latest album: Amalgamation." - Yab Yum Music and Arts

"The preview single for this album was “Lunar Treatment,” released last September. It meets the current lineup’s monster rock with an earlier pop melodicism. The effect is something like mid-period George Harrison meeting King Crimson. It’s been one of my favorites in their set for what feels like forever, and it’s ideally placed on the first half of this record." - JAVA Magazine

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The Abyss (2018)


Sun Drunk (2018)

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Amalgamation (2017)


Francis Rabbit (2016)


Asymmetrical Geometry (2014)


Email:    Phone: 602-550-8068


The Psychedelephants are a Psychedelic Rock band in Phoenix, AZ.  It consists of Paul Balazs -  Vocals/Guitar, Calin Gross - Guitar, Spencer Ferrarin - Drums, and Miles Tippett - Bass/Vocals.  They have released two full length albums, one EP, and a few singles along the way.  They have been playing live shows in Arizona and have done some touring through California.  The Psychedelephants are a DIY band making all of their content themselves and with help from friends.  They are currently working two new albums and are planning to tour again in 2019.

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